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  • Cheese: Maasdam

    Similar to Jarlsberg, this great value Swiss is a little suppler in texture due to higher moisture content.

  • Cheese: Prima Donna

    A Dutch cheese from the Gouda family, Prima Donna is aged till it reaches a flavour like a strong matured parmesan.

  • Cheese: Reggiano

    The king of all hard cheese this unique and very special parmesan is for the connoisseur of extra strong flavour. Enjoy on pasta or simply eat on its own!

  • Cheese: Sheeps Milk Pecorino

    Matured for at least 18 months, this Italian sheep's milk cheese has a slight crumbly texture with a smooth but salty flavour. Great change from a parmesan if you like strong tasting cooking cheese.

  • Cheese: Warrnambool Vintage Cheddar

    Aged to perfection, this 16 month matured cheddar has a distinctly strong & sharp taste also a great value product.

  • Chicken Breast Fillets

    Available with or without skin, 100% trimmed and full of protein perfectly portioned controlled and very easy to cook with.One tip is don’t overcook, it is known that it does dry out very quickly. 100% free range...

  • Chicken Breast Schnitzels

    These are made on our premises 100% by hand using only skinless free range breast fillets that are opened and crumbed with our own blended breadcrumbs. Perfect for chicken parmigana or just a quick meal with some salad...

  • Chicken Kiev

    Made on premises with only fresh pure butter, crushed garlic and herbs. We only use skinless free range breasts and the butter is pumped into the inside of the breast. To keep all the butter inside, seal your...

  • Chicken Koftas

    Middle Eastern spices with low fat free range chicken mince, fresh lemon zest & parsley. GLUTEN FREE

  • Chicken Ribs

    Only two per chicken from the bottom of the breast with one thin bone which makes it really quick to bake, grill or BBQ. Available with skin on or off. 2kg...

  • Chicken Rissoles

    Full of fresh vegetables, carrots, capsicums, parsley and onions then mixed with seasoned breadcrumbs and extra lean chicken mince. Easy to bake and a good way to get vegies into the kids.

  • Chicken Sausages

    All of our chicken sausages are made fresh on premises, we only use fresh hand cut vegetables and blend all our own spices. All of our sausages are made with natural casings, not synthetic and are also gluten free...

  • Chicken Skewers

    A single piece of skinless lean thigh per skewer, perfect for pan or bbq cooking. A perfect way to feed a number of guests or just a hungry family. Available in a number of marinades. GLUTEN FREE (exept honey...

  • Chicken Tenderloin

    The eye fillet of the chicken. It comes from the inside if the breast fillet and is very small needing 3-4 pieces per person. Such a juicy portion and makes cooking it very easy with very little time needed...

  • Chicken Thigh Fillets

    A premium low fat cut with or without skin. This piece has no bone and plenty of flavour, dice it up or have it as a whole piece. This cut is fairly flat and allows for quick cooking in dishes such as stir-frys, pies or...

  • Chicken Thigh Schnitzels

    Lean skinless thighs flattened and crumbed to perfection. Tasty, juicy and quick to cook in the pan.

  • Christmas Bone in Leg Ham

    Wanting to serve up the perfect christmas lunch or dinner, our locally smoked premium christmas hams will have everybody jolly.  

  • Chump Lamb Chops 200g

    A tender chop cut from the rump region

  • Cooked and Peeled Prawns

    Cooked Venemei prawns ready to eat. Sourced from overseas. A no fuss tasty prawn that can be eaten as is or with condements. Great for seafood cocktails. Prawn Size= Med (apron 30 prawns per 500...

  • Corriander- bunch

  • Crispbread Waferthins (Gluten Free)
  • Crumbs Organic Sourdough Bakery- 100% rye
  • Crumbs Organic Sourdough Bakery- 100% wholemeal spelt
  • Crumbs Organic Sourdough Bakery- casalinga