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  • Cheese: Australian Parmesan

    Our Australian Parmesan is aged for 18 months could be mistaken for Italian parmesan. The lovely golden rind and yellowish straw centre charicterises the perfect parmesan. Slightly salty and a hard dry texture gives it an...

  • Cheese: Black Jack Vintage Cheddar

    Black Jack is matured till it has developed the Old English style vintage flavours. Tasting very sharp & salty on the palate, this granular cheese is ideal for the die-hard cheddar fans & with a glass of Sauvignon...

  • Cheese: Grana Padano

    Imported from Italy this extra -hard granula cheese is made from cow's milk and is typically grated on pasta dishes. This parmesan is one of Italy's and LA Deli's best sellers. Perfect to grate, shave, or enjoy with a bottle...

  • Cheese: Prima Donna

    A Dutch cheese from the Gouda family, Prima Donna is aged till it reaches a flavour like a strong matured parmesan.

  • Cheese: Reggiano

    The king of all hard cheese this unique and very special parmesan is for the connoisseur of extra strong flavour. Enjoy on pasta or simply eat on its own!

  • Cheese: Sheeps Milk Pecorino

    Matured for at least 18 months, this Italian sheep's milk cheese has a slight crumbly texture with a smooth but salty flavour. Great change from a parmesan if you like strong tasting cooking cheese.

  • Cheese: Warrnambool Vintage Cheddar

    Aged to perfection, this 16 month matured cheddar has a distinctly strong & sharp taste also a great value product.